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I have never played tennis before but could I be a Miss-Hits coach?

The activities are simple and easy to follow for a tennis newbie. Please contact us to discuss becoming a Miss-Hits coach.

Where can I get equipment?

Equipment bags are available in the Miss-Hits shop after taking part in a Miss-Hits workshop or online course.

Is there a course I can go on to be a Miss-Hits coach?

Yes! We run Miss-Hits workshops and have an online course coming soon! Please contact us for more information.

What do I do with the girls at the end of the 2nd 6-week block?

Miss-Hits coaches can take the girls for Mini Tennis after the Miss-Hits sessions or hand over the children into tennis classes at a local tennis venue.

Will I have to make up the session plans?

No! There will be fully detailed session plans provided.

What is the maximum number of girls in one class?

8 would be the maximum number, but if you have an assistant in the form of a student or parent then you would be able to increase the numbers accordingly depending on the space being used.

I see from the website that the characters dance and I am unsure that I will be able to do this as part of a session.

The ‘dance’ at the start of each session is just a fun way to warm-up to music. It’s simple with easy-to-follow actions, and there is also a demo of each character’s warm-up in the coaches section of the Miss-Hits website. Don’t worry it’s easy!

For the girls

Can I buy some of the fun things from the sessions?

Yes! You can ask your parents/guardians to do this at the Miss-Hits shop, and don’t forget to say please!

When I finish the 12 weeks can I come back again and do them again?

Of course you can! Ask your parents/guardians to speak to your coach.



Is there something for the girls after the two 6-week blocks of Miss-Hits?

The Miss-Hits coach will advise the options for further tennis lessons towards the end of the 2nd block.

My child’s sessions have been in a school hall, where do they go to play tennis after the sessions are finished?

The Miss-Hits coach will be able to advise the nearest tennis venue, and give you contact details.

How do I know the coach has been checked to work with children?

All our coaches are DBS registered. See the Safety page for more information.

What should my child bring to the sessions?

All equipment is supplied at each session. The child should wear rubber soled trainers, and clothing that will keep them at a safe temperature during exercise and allow them freedom to run around. They should also bring a drink (not fizzy).

Does my child need to have a bat?

No, all equipment is supplied at the sessions.

How much do classes cost?

Prices vary from area to area, please contact the Miss-Hits coach for details.

Does Miss-Hits run in my area?

Please check the Find a Venue section on our website to find out if there are sessions running in your area.

My child enjoyed Miss-Hits and would like to do the classes again, is this possible?

Yes it is possible, speak with the Miss-Hits coach and they can sign-up again for another block.

Do I have to stay with my child during the sessions?

No, not at all. But if you are concerned that your child will worry with you not being there, please speak to your Miss-Hits coach for advice.

If classes are full can I place my child's name on a waiting list?

Yes – advise your local Miss-Hits coach or check out the ‘Find a Venue‘ page to see if there are other sessions running in your area.

Can we buy Miss-Hits merchandise?

Yes, it is available to purchase in our shop, your Miss-Hits coach will also have access to this.

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