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Taking the fun home

It’s important for the girls to keep practicing what they learn at home. That’s where you come in, parents. And who knows, maybe they can teach you a thing or two!

Tennis can be a complex coordination sport for young kids to pick up. Not only do they have to learn how to handle a bat, they also have to be able to connect that bat to a moving ball, navigate the ball over an obstacle and towards a target. That’s why any help from parents at home is strongly encouraged.

Learning while playing

Playing the Miss-Hits games on a regular basis with your child can easily help develop their coordination skills. Helping them learn how to confidently pass and catch a ball can help develop their hand-eye coordination, skills that are fundamental when learning tennis.

On our website we have lots of ideas for fun and simple activities that require very little space and basic equipment for playing at home. You don’t need to be sporty, you just need a little bit of imagination and a positive attitude.

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There’s no need to buy any special equipment

All of the play things used in the Miss-Hits sessions can be found in the website store, but they can also be replicated with some everyday household items like tin lids, scrunched up newspaper balls and paper tissues. Find out how to make them here.

“We start out with slow moving equipment like balloons and fluff balls.”

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