For Grown Ups

Why we're unique.

Miss-Hits was born out of a need to get more girls playing tennis. We are currently outnumbered 4:1 by boys at entry level! So, we had to find a way to make our sport more attractive to our target audience.

How did we start?

We looked at all the things that might put girls off tennis in the early years and avoided them. We researched everything that makes sport and hobbies enjoyable to girls aged 5-8 and tried to include them into the Miss-Hits programme.

Unique way of teaching

You won’t find another tennis programme that includes music, dance, nail stickers, animated characters, colouring sheets, puzzles, tricks and team games.

Girl power

Miss-Hits has a secondary purpose to create a bigger female coaching workforce in tennis. Because of its non-technical content, it will appeal to mums, students, teachers, sporting enthusiasts as well as tennis coaches.

“We have to make tennis more girl-friendly”

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